Water pollution (introduction)

The size and diversity of the destruction caused by water pollution is pretty easy to measure. First, the human health is at stake. After this, a series of economy activities are affected (fishing for example). Finally water pollution on marine life is full of consequences, because it tends to reduce the food obtained from the seas.

Water pollution can also have a bad effect on tourism. For example the beaches can be polluted with different substances or foreign objects brought in by the polluted water. The health of the tourist is in jeopardy when the water brings in oils, spilled in the sea which can be a leading cause of cancer.

Where water pollution reaches a certain degree, in ports for example, there’s a general lack of marine life, which can sometimes reach as far as the lack of any form of marine vegetation. Marine life is threatened because the oily water forms a curtain which prevents the oxidation of the water. The oils also affect the marine life on the bottom of the sea, because it sediments itself and affects the life there.

We must convince ourselves that a fight against pollution can be the doing of a single country or a single generation, but it must be in accord with the whole world!